Getting started

Paypack Payments is a cloud service that offers a solution to merchants in need of a resilient, robust, and efficient payment service.

Dashboard access

The Paypack dashboard is a centralized management interface for your account. In order to access the dashboard, you need to have a valid Paypack account.

  1. First and foremost, register or login to gain access to your Paypack account.
  2. Once logged in to your Paypack account, you can verify your account through the dashboard. In addition, the dashboard allows you to transfer money to over three phone mobile numbers and request refunds once the transaction fails.

Some of Paypack's dashboard significant advantages are as follows:

  • Beautiful graphs that show your transaction's status between the dates you specify.
  • Account verification which enables you to transfer funds to more than three phone numbers and request a refund if certain transactions fail.
  • Various transaction reports with multiple sorting.
  • Check your transaction events to verify your successful, failed or pending transactions.
  • Manage your webhooks and specify where your payment callbacks will be redirected.
  • Request that funds be transferred from your Paypack account to your bank account.
  • View and download the bank slip of the deposed funds to your bank once your withdrawal request has been processed.