Payment Flow


Transactions are the core of Paypack's payment service, some fundamental principles are as follows:

  • Cashin helps you transfer funds from a mobile money account to your Paypack account.
  • Cashout helps you transfer funds from your Paypack account to a mobile money account.

Transaction Lifecycle

A transaction passes through various stages during its lifecycle. As a merchant, you can track the status of your transactions through the dashboard on the events tab.

Transaction Creation

When a transaction request is received at Paypack's servers, multiple validations are carried out, like the valid source of the request, the request's structure, the uniqueness of the request, etc. Once these validations are passed, a transaction is created.

Successful Transaction

The customer completes the payment process and authorises the payment. Once the authorisation is successful, funds are debited from the customer’s account. This transaction can then be marked as successful.

Failed Transaction

If the customer drops out of the payment process, or in the event of the payment authorisation failure, funds are not deducted from the customer’s account. This transaction can then be marked as failed.

Pending Transaction

A transaction being marked pending can be due to many reasons such as network issues, technical errors at the customer's end or bank's end etc. Therefore, this is marked as a pending transaction.

Transactions may take longer to process if the user has opted out of the payment process. In this case, the transaction will be marked as pending.